Saturday, May 30, 2009

Off Road at my place (Stadium Lah Ya)

This is the place where our track ends.

Helping each others carried thier bike(nak jatuh lah tu)

Fell down under the log bridge( dah jatuh pun.....) hehehehehehe

Stunt act by Jai ( takut nyer.....)

Stunt act by Razak (pas jatuh... tak nak la jatuh lagi)

Helping hands ( berat tu..... Hj Ed)

Almost down to the ground ( Hj Ed tgh control balance)

Out of balance (nak jatuh.... TOLONG!!!!!!!) hehehehehehe

Hj Ed doing his stunt

Unsuccesful stunt(jatuh la pulak..... hehehehehehe)

OTW falling down (op op op dah gugok...... bahasa swk)

Before a great fall (malang dah berbau tu........) hehehehehehehe

This is where Hj Kadir say's got Jin's (bena nak kah.....) kui kui kui kui

After a while Hj Ed with confidence (dah terer ya....)

Razak doing his own trick(nasib tak jatuh.....)

Jai with his manuver (aisemen......)

Hj Ed after observing a few time others decending that hill

Razak with no confidence....(hentam jak sia)

Jai with his sun glass(takut x nampak jalan.....)hehehehehehe

In fast speed (nasib x jatuh..... fuhhh)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Night ride at Kuching

Orbea Gang..... but now they are getting BIGGER! ( banyak gilak x best) hehehehehe....

Almost ready to ride..... (pas betelor menunggu) hehehehehehe....

Man Mara (red shirt) and the gang.

While waiting for others i'm taking some pict n asking for them to pose ( Yan lah ya...)
This is the place that we call PNS ( Pustaka Negeri Sarawak) at it's laybay.
Mr. Pet, Me And Mr. Jai (3 Abdul) hehehehehe
While waiting for food Mr. Hafis Is starving so much almost eating my helmet. (sorry bro)
Almost blackout while taking this pict. cause by unknown reasons. (x terer lah ya ambik gambar)

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